The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics - Planche du n°14, February 1810

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Bon exemplaire d'une gravure de février 1810 complète de ses 4 échantillons de tissus, un satin, un Angora, un bombazine, et un tissu côtelé.

Cette gravure provient de la revue publiée par l'éditeur britannique Rudolph Ackermann à partir de 1809 sous le titre The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics. Elle figure dans le magazine sous le titre "Allegorical wood-cut with patterns of British Manufacture". 

Titre The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics
Type Estampe
Édition Londres, R. Ackermann, 1810

Estampe imprimée en noir. 4 échantillons de tissu contrecollés.

État Bon état.
Dimensions 235 x 145 mm

Les tissus de cette planche étaient ainsi décrits par le journal dans sa section : 
"No. 1. A royal embossed satin: a splendid and elegant article for robes or  The trimmings for robes of this material should be of properly contrasted fur or thread lace. It is sold by Harris, Moody, and Co. silk-weavers, Pall- Mall.

No. 2. A superfine imperial orange bombazeen, particularly calculated for ladies' dresses. Black velvet and silver trimming are most pleasing and appropriate ornaments for robes of this article.It is sold, of every colour, by Messrs. Waithman and Everington, No. 104, Fleet-street.

No. 3. An imitative angola shawl dress, of blended green and amber. Amidst the variety of these articles for some time exhibited, we have seen none more entitled than the present to the attention of those females who wish to comprise, at once, fashion and utility. It is sold by Messrs. Brisco and Powley, No. 103, New Bond-street, from 38s, to 50s, per dress.

No. 4. An India rib permanent green print. A patent has lately been obtained by Hewson, Higgins, and Hett, for printing green on cotton goods, a discovery never before offered to the public. Figures are printed of all descriptions for ladies wear. Sundry cotton goods for  waistcoats are printed exclusively for  Kestevens, York-street, Covent-garden. The pieces are all marked on the edges," Patent fast green.""

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