Art Gout Beaute

The magazine Art Gout Beaute was launched in the fall of 1920 under the title Les Succes d'Art Gout Bon Ton then it is in November 1921 that it adopts the name of Art Gout Beaute which takes again the initials of the publisher, the fabrics supplier "Successors of Albert Godde Bedin". This magazine owes its fame to numerous in-text illustrations stencilled featuring the models of the great fashion houses including: Bernard, the Callot sisters, Doeuillet, Doucet, Drecoll, Jenny, Martial and Armand, Philippe and Gaston, Poiret, Premet , Worth, etc. In the 1930s, the magazine changed format before disappearing in 1933. Each plate became a collector's item and it is now almost impossible to find a complete run of the magazine even in specialized libraries.