Poiret - Portrait de Paul Poiret en cuisine (1934)

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Tirage argentique d'époque d'une photographie de presse représentant Paul Poiret en cuisine. 

Le couturier alors dans une situation financière difficile envisage d'ouvrir une boutique à Londres.

Title: Poiret - Portrait de Paul Poiret en cuisine (1934)
Type: Photograph
Photographer International News Photos
Edition: Paris, International News Photos, 1934

Silver print. Caption and stamp of International News Photos on reverse. Caption reads: ""Former famous fashion expert on the dole. Paris, France... Paul Poiret, the former Parisian fashion expert, who is now living on the dole here, although he lives in his luxurious apartment in the Faubourg St. Honoré. Poiret is shown here doing his own cooking in his beautifully appointed apartment, for which, it is said, he has not paid rent. Every morning Poiret does his own shopping, cooking and cleaning. He is on the come back trail, however, since he signed up with a fashion concern of England. He intends to open a shop in London shortly and make that city the center of women's fashions of the world."

Condition: Good condition.
Dimensions: 215 x 165 mm

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